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Great product search

More baskets, more checkouts, more often

Make searching for your products an experience that customers love.

Imagine what good search could do

  • Higer order value
  • Bigger basket size
  • More checkouts

Here's why improving search is hard

Customers don’t search like you do

  • They get product names wrong, or misspell them.
  • They don’t know product names.
  • They rarely use a specific search the first time.

Products aren’t always 100% unique

  • Parts of product names are the same.
  • Products use similar terms, but are different things
  • Products are categorised for you, not your customer.

Few businesses can afford dedicated search improvement services

  • Only the largest companies can employ dedicated staff.
  • It’s hard to tell whether your changes make a difference.
  • Srchy gives you an enterprise-level product for a fraction of the price.

Srchy automatically and
measurably improves search

Let your great customer service shine, with relevant and accurate search results. Our AI-powered software will do the heavy lifting for you.

Learns from your customers’ product search activity.

Automatically optimises your search results.

Returns relevant results even on errors in search.

Automatically improves your customers’ click-through rate.

Gives you dashboards and real-time data of how your search is performing

Ideal for businesses big and small

Give your customers what they are searching for. The more you do it, the more they will come back and the faster you will grow.

Srchy is ideal for you if:
  • Your catalogue has either thousands or millions of products (1000+).
  • You want to improve clicks through from search to product detail.
  • You want to improve conversions.
  • Your store has a high level of traffic.
  • You want to improve your customers’ satisfaction.
  • You want to reduce manual work while increasing your efficiency.

Case Study

The story of Readings adopting the Srchy Product Search Engine for their ecommerce website.

The best thing?

We're Aussie, too.

Work with Australia's eCommerce experts to improve your search experience.

  • Our expert team integrates Srchy into your online store for you.
  • We will help you to surface the revenue potential of your catalogue.
  • We keep your data secure, private, and reliable.
  • We are dedicated to helping you see results.

Srchy can transform your catalog search and inspire more clients to buy.

Make an informed decision.

Let’ chat to determine that your eCommerce catalog is a good fit for Srchy, and we’ll gift you our search performance analytics so you can see what can be improved for yourself.

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